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About Us

Pamela Ann NoxonAfter being a part of over 500 beautiful weddings in Southern California, Pamela Ann Noxon, a wedding officiant, designer and event producer, realized the need for a fun, stylish and practical accessory that would lend shade and protection to wedding couples, their bridal party, families and guests at outdoor events.

She recognized that people who absorbed too much sun while dressed to the nines, in full makeup, became exhausted and cranky and were certainly at risk from heat stroke and other sun-related risks - all of which ultimately took away from their experience and the joy of the celebration.

Pamela's Parasols were born!

Pamela's Parasols are the perfect outdoor event accoutrements for guests and are an essential accessory for the Bride and Bridal Party, who typically withstand up to three hours of exposure at outdoor weddings from arrival through ceremony and photos to departure.

Beautiful and practical, Pamela's Parasols offer fashionable style and cool relief from the sun and heat. Parasols keep your guests from wilting, look great and cost a fraction of rented sun umbrellas or canopies and they don't block your view like a tent would.

Decorated Parasols are a beautiful treat for the Bride and her Bridal Party, Mother-of-the-Bride, Mother-of-the-Groom, Grandmothers too, and certainly no Flower Girl should be without one!

Pamela has always lived a heart-centered life, with a background in the holistic healing arts, and as a teacher of health and spirituality. Since 2003 when Pamela's Parasols began, she always had in mind creating a company that would give back and provide inspiration and help for others.

In 2009, Pamela's Parasols added a many new collections to our line toward our goal of making the world a better, more loving place by sending a donation of the proceeds to relevant charities. These include the philanthropic charity collection for breast cancer walks, AIDS research, pride parades and military family support, and the parasols with the fleur de lis that include post-Hurricane Katrina rebuilding in New Orleans, donations to saving Tibet, helping save animals in shelters and more.

We also added the ground-breaking ORGANICS Collection of eco-friendly parasols, fans and packaging that includes a tree planted in honor of the buyer going GREEN and purchasing a Pamela's Parasols ORGANICS Collection item.

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