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Are all your parasols rice paper?
Yes. All base product is rice paper on bamboo handles, although we do have many styles with lace or fabric overlays. Please see Product Info page for complete information rice paper and bamboo parasols and the difference between Pamela's Parasols and other parasols.

How big are your parasols?
Adult parasols open up to a full sun shading 32" diameter [from edge to edge] and are 20-23" tall from bottom of handle to tip of topknot. This is the perfect size for one adult with enough room for a close friend to share the shade.

Flowergirl parasols are 20" diameter and 16" tall.

Please see Product Info page for complete details on Pamela's Parasols.

How long does an order take to process before shipping?
Order time varies by style. Many parasols are in stock and ship out within a day. Custom orders like lettered parasols or those with artwork or rhinestones can take 1 to 2 weeks to create. Each style's page lists the time to allow before shipping. We do handle rush orders. Please call or email if you need decorated parasols in less than a week.

Why do you ask for an event date on the order form?
We do a lot of wedding parasols and we find it really helps us meet your needs to know your event date. Brides have a lot to deal with an we empathize with them, so the Bride who orders parasols 2 weeks before her wedding will probably get a call to assure her that we can get product to her in time whereas the Bride ordering a year out is probably in a different mindset and not quite as stressed.

What's the difference between Pamela's Parasols and other brands?
Yes, all parasols of rice paper and bamboo are made in China, but that's where the similarities end between Pamela's Parasols and the other companies' products. Pamela's Parasols are hand-made of the finest rice paper and bamboo and we work with the only factory who offers untreated, raw, natural, sweet-smelling rice paper on bamboo handles. For a complete comparison of our product vs. the other guys, please see Product Info page.

Do you ship outside USA?
Yes. Please see Ordering page for complete information and minimum order amounts for International shipments.

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